Databerg is a comprehensive data management platform that offers an integrated approach to handling data throughout its lifecycle. From ingestion and storage to processing and analytics, Databerg provides a seamless and integrated environment for businesses to leverage their data assets effectively.

SimpliData: Comprehensive Data Management with DataBerg

SimpliData offers a robust data management solution with DataBerg, providing comprehensive tools and capabilities to efficiently organize, store, and analyze your valuable datasets.


Data Governance and Quality

Maintaining high-quality data and governance is essential for accurate decision-making. The Data Berg includes robust data governance features that allow organizations to define data policies, monitor data quality, and establish data lineage. This ensures that the data used for analysis is accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.

Data Lifecycle Management

Efficiently managing the lifecycle of data is crucial for cost-effective storage optimization. Databerg offers automated data lifecycle management capabilities that allow organizations to set policies for data retention, archival, and deletion. This alignment of data storage with business needs, reducing costs while keeping data accessible.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Databerg empowers organizations with the capability to extract actionable insights from their data through built-in analytics and visualization tools. With Databerg, data scientists and analysts can perform advanced analytics and create interactive dashboards, enabling them to drive informed strategic decision-making processes.

Data Observability

Maximize data reliability through Data Observability to eliminate operational blindspots and reduce spend.

Create and manage dependable, high-performing data-driven solutions

SimpliData empowers organizations with ML-driven automation, offering invaluable data health and operational insights. This enables businesses to maximize their data investments with predictable costs. Our teams integrate reliability and optimize data platform performance through “SimpliData” for optimal results.

Data Quality Monitoring

We assist organizations in evaluating the quality of their data by conducting comprehensive assessments. Using automated tools and expert analysis, “Kastech” identifies data discrepancies, anomalies, and areas for improvement. Subsequently, tailored remediation plans are developed to enhance data quality.

Alerting and Issue Resolution

Data Observability is not just about monitoring; it's also about acting. Alerting mechanisms notify stakeholders when data quality or pipeline issues arise, enabling teams to respond promptly. This helps identify and resolve problems before they impact business operations.

Metadata Management Solutions

We offer advanced metadata management solutions to help organizations catalog and track their data effectively. This includes capturing lineage information, managing metadata repositories, and providing intuitive data discovery and exploration interfaces.

Optimizing Data Operations

Organizations can identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies by providing visibility into the data pipeline. This insight enables teams to optimize workflows, improve resource allocation, and reduce costs associated with data processing.

Customized Solutions

We deliver customized solutions tailored to each client's specific requirements, ensuring that data observability is optimized for their operations. Our cutting-edge tools and expertise enhance data quality, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions confidently.


IniGrid is a powerful data integration platform streamlining data collection, transformation, and distribution within organizations. Connect diverse data sources for a unified ecosystem, simplifying access and analysis for informed decision-making.

Simplidata: Revolutionizing Data Integration with IntiGrid

Streamline your workflow with our Data Integration Dashboard, enabling efficient creation, monitoring, and deployment of pipelines, complete with real-time alerts and self-service options.

Data integration dashboard

Effortlessly create, view, and monitor integrations designed for both business and data users. Streamlining your workflow, our solution enhances productivity and offers a user-friendly dashboard for efficient integration management.

Build once, deploy anywhere

Build in your pipelines natively in the Precisely cloud and deploy pipelines in your environment. Whether your data lives in on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments, you maintain control of your valuable data assets.

Alerts, Filtering & Pipelines

Real-time integration health and status alerts with selective data replication, intuitive UI for building and monitoring data pipelines. Precisely provides preset solutions, easily customizable in a streamlined format for seamless operations.